Know Before Arrival

Immigration and APIS:

Please be aware that Chinese Immigration is strictly enforcing their regulations of foreign corporate jets. To avoid any problems, JSC would like to remind you of the immigration requirements and ask for your cooperation in providing us with the information necessary to adhere to them.

1. Please make sure that all crew members must secure valid crew visa (category C)prior to arrival China. Passenger also must secure valid China visa (any type of visa except category C). Both operator and handler will be fined if any crew or passenger are found without visa (or hold invalid visa) on arrival. The one who has no valid visa will be detained or may even be deported. Please advise the contact methods of embassy/consulate if you have problem when applying C-visa for crew. Then we can assist to coordinate with the embassy/consulate to settle the problem.

2. On arrival of China at the first stop, do NOT open the cabin door until you get a gesture from ground people as it should be observed by CIQ officers strictly.

3. Please be aware that China immigration is now strictly enforcing their regulations concerning general declaration(The APIS). In order for us to process your clearance in a timely manner, with the fewest amount of complications or even fine, we would like to remind you of the immigration requirements and ask for your cooperation in providing us with the information necessary to adhere to them.

Please take a moment to review the following China immigration requirements:

Crew and passenger detail information must be exactly the same with the information on the general declaration.
China immigration prefers that these documents be submitted in advance of the proposed flights and kept on file
Crew and passenger details are defined as:
        Full correct name
        Date of birth
        Passport number (The one with the China Visa)
        Passport expiration date
Failure to do the above is likely to result in a fine of RMB10,000-30,000.

According to the regulation of the China CIQ, all international arrival flights should provide the GD with the CIQ stamp from the origin airport. We also prepare the GD from our side for all the flights. In most cases the China CIQ officers accept our copies. But we still suggest the crew to carry the GD onboard just in case the China CIQ officers request the one from aboard.

Slot restriction:
Since 17 DEC 2013, CAAC has performed new regulations on foreign private/business flight operating into China. Please kindly contact us for details if you did not receive the notice from us recentlly.

Aerodrome or runway closure NOTAMS

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72-hour Transit Visa Exemption
Travelers from the 51 countries may apply for the 72hour transit visa exemption, which are: 1) 24 Schengen counties in Europe: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherland, Poland, Portugal, Slovak, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. 2) 13 other European countries: Russia, Great Britain, Ireland, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania,Ukraine, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia and Albania.3)6 American countries: The United States, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Chile. 4) 2 Oceanian countries: Australia and New Zealand. 5) 6 Asian countries: Republic of Korea, Japan, Singapore, Brunei, United Arab Emirates, and Qatar.

According to the requirements, the 72-hour transit visa exemption measure is for a foreign national passing through Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou for a third country or region. For example, PANC - ZBAA - UHPP is workable, while PANC - ZBAA - PAFA is unworkable.

Any private jet passenger wants to visit ZBAA ZSSS ZSPD ZGGG ZUUU ZYTX ZSHC ZLXY ZBTJ ZHHH ZSNJ ZYTL ZGKL ZPPP ZUCK ZYHB ZSAM ZGHA ZSQD by this measure, please kindly have the operator to inform your ground handler in advance.

Please kindly note that this measure usually applies to passengers only.

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